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, congresswoman donna edwards office. >> reporter: and americans did just that. thousands of phone calls and e- mails pouring into congressional offices. congressional websites were slow and even stopped working at times. >> well the people in the fourth congressional district have been calling our office. >> reporter: congresswoman donna edwards said a lot of her constituents are worried, especially the older ones who fear social security checks and medicare benefits will dry up. >> we have a range of calls. most people say we want to you do something about this. we shouldn't be jeopardizing the full saving credit of the united states and our world economy. >> reporter: this morning republican speaker of the house john boehner said he was optimistic his plan that the white house has frowned on can make it through. >> it's reasonable, it's responsible, it can pass the house and the senate. and i hope the president will consider signing it into law. >> reporter: meanwhile, are the e-mails and phone calls working? congresswoman edwards said most of the calls are from people who agree with her po
you so much. u.s. congresswoman donna edwards, a member of the progressive people in the u.s. congress. >>> joining me now, republican congressman of texas, a member of the tea party caucus. sers, any revenues you'd accept? would you accept a tax increase for people over $250,000 a year? would you take back, say, the bush tax cuts by -- >> no. >> 2013? >> no. >> would you raise the tax for people that make over half a million a year? >> chris, it's a terrible idea to raise taxes on anyone in an environment like this. >> just to run through this. how about people that make over $1 million? you wouldn't raise people over a quarter million, how about a million? would you raise their taxes? >> chris, you don't want to raise taxes on anybody in an envirnltd. i want to get rid of the ethanol subsidies. there's one we could agree on. chris, we as a nation, the council of representatives just elected, the largest change in over 70 years in the country, spoke decisively they want spending under control. they want the government shrunk. they want the government out of our lives, out of or pocket
that don't want to raise taxes. talking about our next guest. congress mon donna edwards of maryland. thank you for joining us. a member of the progressive caucus about just as important came to our 15th anniversary party last week. thank you for being one of our great guests. look, i'm trying to figure what's givable and what's not. would you agree to any cuts in social security benefits? >> you know, first of all let's just start from the premise and the president agrees social security is not the reason we've run up our long-term debts and so my preference would be if we're going to have a conversation about social security solvency beyond 2027 it's not in these debt discussions. the causes of our long-term debt are related to things the republicans don't want to give up on. i'd rather have that conversation. >> we don't deal with associate social security cuts. medicare costs going through the roof. would you touch medicare benefits or costs? >> no. one of the things we did in the affordable care act last year is actually looked at ways we can make medicare more efficient, making sure w
a balanced budget amendment. >> reporter: washington area democrats lined up in opposition. donna edwards of prince george's county. >> the republican majority is ready to jeopardize our entire future for this garbage. >> reporter: fairfax. >> hell, no, you can't. >> reporter: maryland. >> this proposal takes us farther in the wrong direction. >> reporter: and from the president. >> it does not solve the problem and it has no chance of becoming law. >> reporter: the action now moves to the united states senate which is going to take up the bill later tonight. we are told that there will be a vote. there the senate majority leader harry reid has promised this bill will die. the question then becomes what kind of compromise is possible over the weekend keeping in mind the house is going to kill that senate bill. what kind of compromise is going to happen over the weekend. default happens on tuesday. >> thank you, gary. appreciate it. >>> now, schools, roads, fire stations, cities and counties all across the region fear that the capitol hill stale mate could make it a lot harder and expensiv
congresswoman donna edwards said that the speaker's bill won't pass the senate. and that is something something not going to pass and the president is not going to sign and not going to get a single vote. >> reporter: democratic senate majority leader harry reid is pushing his own alternative bill that cuts spending by $2.2 trillion to raise the debt limit by $2.7 trillion without now taxes. obviously, obviously, what is being done in the house is not a compromise. it's being jammed through that with nap transparent dealings. >> reporter: and reid publicly reached out to the senate's republican leader mitch mcconnell even though mcconnell blasted the democrats for comments they made on the speakers' -- the speaker's bill. >> instead all day long yesterday, we got chest- thumping comments about how we're going to kill the piece of legislation going to the house. it's dead on arrival. >> reporter: that is where we are now. just about five minutes, the republicans are going to begin this vote and promise to pass the speaker's debt ceiling raise bill in the house and democrats likewise will defeat
: washington area democrats lined up in opposition. donna edwards of prince george's county. >> the republican majority is ready to jeopardize our entire future for this garbage. >> hell, no, you can't. >> this proposal takes us farther in the wrong direction. >> reporter: but house republicans say reining in spending is what americans want. >> the nation spoke decisively in electing this new majority to the house. we were sent here to control spending, to control the size of the government, to get the government out of our lives, out of our pockets and back within the bounds of the constitution as designed by the founders. >> reporter: speaker boehner spoke moments ago anticipating senate rejection of his plan. >> this house has acted. and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> that's exactly what harry reid and senate democrats are expected to do later this evening when they kill this new bill that is being voted on in the house at this very moment. the democrats will plan their own plan that boehn
. will the president seize on the opportunity? reaction from congresswoman donna edwards and senator sheldon whitehouse. >> raising tax is not, is not a smart idea in the current economic client. >> rupert murdoch, today reports that news corp made bill ons on taxes over the past four years. it's the undercover video everybody is talking about. we have the guy who shot it ntsd the bachmann clinics, attempts to cure gay people. it's an ed show exclusive. mitch mcconnell and john boehner are getting hammered by the tea party for buckling on the debt ceiling debate. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has proposed a deal to allow the debt ceiling to go up and take cuts to the big three off the table. mcconnell late today put out his last chance plan. >> i would advocate that we pass legislation giving the president the authority, the authority to request of us an increase in the debt ceiling that would take us past the end of his term. that is what he has said. he said he will not sign a debt ceiling that does not take us past the end of his term. >> so mcconnell's plan would allow republicans to vote
, there was a moment where pelosi and hoyer seem to disagre on medicare and social security. donna edwards and other liberals aggressively challenged hoyer on that. today donna edwards apologized to hoyer, said i apologize for the tone but not for the substance of what was said. they are unified publicly, house democrats. that is important. people try to forget the house minority like the house minority doesn't matter. but boehner will need 60, 70, 80, 90 democrats. probably a hundred won't vote for the debt ceiling no matter what. >> with those hundred republicans, that won't vote for the debt ceiling no matter what, is it a fact that there may not be the willingness to cut a deal no matter what on the republican side of this? and maybe the strategy of the white house and the president is, to put everything on the table and force them to say no, no matter what you do, we don't want to anyway. which will really make the american public understand. these people don't care about running the country or default. it is about ideology, not about the economy. >> the white house would be happy. they would a
a unified message on jobs. joining us from capitol hill is donna edwards a democrat from maryland and good to have you with us, congresswoman. >> good to be here, ezra. >> and you quote ripped into the fellow maryland democrat whip steny hoyer said that the entitlement cuts are going to be deep, so what sort of fight is brewing and what specific cuts are being expressed? >> well, there is no fight between the democrats about the commitment to preserving and protecting medicare and social security, and that was a unified message coming out of the caucus, and the point of the caucus meetings are for those to make it clear that we have a unified position for house democrats going into the discussions with the white house, and i feel certain of that. and i feel that even more strongly today that house democrats are committed to joining the american people, and the overwhelming majority of the american people who want to preserve medicare and social security, and that cuts to those programs should not be part of this conversation about reducing the debt and deficit. >> and one thing that has be
this morning that you need to get your a-word in line? >> i sure did. >> tonight, donna edwards, dennis kucinich all on the latest. >>> in psycho talk. republicans are worried the weak economy might be hurting the country club crowd. >> they don't continue paying for country club dues chlgs and mi romney is measuring the drapes for the oval office. he's already naming his vp picks. this guy needs some help. >>> great to have you with us tonight, folks. at this hour, john boehner, speaker of the house is twisting arms and cutting deals to round up enough votes to pass his plan to hold president obama accountable. last night i told you boehner had a short fuse, today he proved it. less than 12 hours after his original bill went don in flames, he ripped into the members of the caucus this morning. the speaker of the house said get your [ bleep ] in lyn this is the bill. after the meeting, boehner went on a hard right wing talk show to brag about what a tough guy he is. >> is it true that you told some of the republican members this morning that you need to get your a-word in line behind t
. the president's initial deadline, tonight, will pass without a deal. so what next? donna edwards is among the democrats warning the president don't count on my vote if any deal involves big changes to medicare and social security. gloria borger has spent the day and the week working her sources on the negotiations. also with us david gergen. the president of the united states today having a second news conference. the theme, the republicans have come to at the end of the week, is mr. president, you're the president. lead. put a machine on the table. you put the specifics. you go first. the president has made clear, no. should he? >> yes. i've been surprised all along that the white house has been so reluctant to reveal what its own preferences would be. it's a political man you're to not attract controversy. john, if in fact the white house is working as the senate which appears what's going on to shape some kind of compromise around the mcconnell plan, the public really deserves to know what those cuts are. i have to support significant cuts, but we need to know what's involved if you're
," congresswoman donna edwards, a democrat from maryland, talked to host chris matthews about the debt debate and about what she thinks about republican proposals to cut entitlement programs like medicare and social security. >> we can't have a conversation about seniors and those on disability and poor people having to sacrifice everything, but republicans don't want to ask the wealthiest 2%, the millionaires and billionaires to give up their tax cuts, which are causing the major part of our long-term debts and our deficit the. two wars in iraq and afghanistan, that if we were to draw down earlier for example in afghanistan, would deal with long-term debt issues. so let's put those things on the table. corporate loopholes, instead of just turning to the piggy bank of social security and medicare. >> what about medicaid? would you cut that? >> the challenge that we have for medicaid is that we want to make sure that we don't simply shift the burden onto the states, which really can't afford that right now. again the conversations about these entitlement programs, while i find, you know, might
-mails were pouring in. we're told some websites crashed today. we visited congresswomen donna edwards office and her staff members received hundreds of e- mails and phone calls today alone. also the congresswoman told us that she had a telephone town hall meeting last night with 7,000 worried constituents. >> they were mostly talking about social security, medicare and medicaid. we had pre-planned this conference call, so how timely. but a lot of constituents had questions about whether they would receive their checks. >> reporter: and we tried to get an on-camera interview with roscoe barlow's office from maryland, but his office said he was too busy with meetings but his communication manager said their office has received many calls about the debt ceiling debate in recent weeks but no surge in calls today. >> what does congresswoman say about the boehner plan? >> reporter: it's a no go. and she hasn't decided on the reid proposal. the speaker said he can get his plan through both of houses but it doesn't look like the white house will agree. >> matt acland. thank you. >>> more than 90 pos
of you, for your time this evening. >>> joining me now, congresswoman donna edwards, democrat from maryland. how are you? >> i'm fine, al. enjoy tlag conversation. >> well, let me ask you, from your perspective, you are in the congress. you're there up close. this whole back and forward, republicans chajing positions, where do you see this ending in terms of the people in your districts and your district and districts around the country. people on the ground, that could really suffer if we can't get a resolve to this. >> first of all, i think it's clear. president obama does not have a negotiating part fler on the other side of the table. from childish to irresponsible. you take your word and name them. but the republicans on the other side of the aisle, are really playing with fire and for people in my congressional district and across the country, what we a aring say g are saying is republicans get your act together. this is the responsible thing to do, the thing that was done i think 17 times during reagan presidencies won't controversy really. here we are with the republicans t
for joining us. let's turn to bernie sanders and congresswoman donna edwards from maryland. senator sanders, how can the president expect the congress to make a quick decision on $3.7 trillion in debt with very little deliberation. what do you make of it? >> you can't and you won't. there are two separate issues. number one, obviously we can't default on our debt, it would be disaster for the country in one way or another, with wall street understanding how significant it is for them, we're into the going to default on our debt. the second separate issue is how you move forward sensibly on deficit reduction. in my view, this gang of six proposal is a disaster. it lowers the tax rate very substantially for the wealthy, and it will make devastating, this is not modification, devastating cuts in social security, medicare, medicaid, education, nutrition. you name the program that are struggling, working class in this country desperately needs, it is going to be cut. i would estimate if the gang of six proposal were ever to pass, that i will do my best to see that doesn't happen. it would -- >>
a cup of coffee. congresswoman donna edwards will hold two coffee conversations this morning. the first will be from 8:30 to 9:30 at the dunkin donuts on annapolis road. the second at the royal bakery on german town road. >>> it is the end of an era for man and one giant question mark for man kind soig p. >> two, one, zero and liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis" on the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue the dream. >> the 135th and final mission thundered from kennedy space center on a 12 day trip to the international space station. once "atlantis" returns, 9,000 people will be out of jobs and there will be no vehicle to replace the shuttle. that has some within glass a's ranks doubting the future of america's space program. >> i will tell you that i think year looking at a lost decade. >> it just cooperate be farther from the truth. america has a bright future in space. president obama has committed this nation to moving forward to an asteroid and beyond to mars. >> nearly a million people estimated to have watched the launch from florida's coast, but the final m
to believe we thought, and now donna edwards is our congressman from maryland's fourth district. i told in the beginning that there are some good guys in congress, and she is definitely one of the good guys. it is a great pleasure to introduce our real progressive who fights for progressive values in the united states congress, donna edwards. [applause] >> i came to the united states three years ago from china. i did not know what to expect, but i found out very soon that my high school in south philadelphia was one of the most violent schools in the city. one by one, all my friends were getting beaten up. many of them dropped out soon after. in the lunchroom, asian students got foodborne on them every day. the cafeteria manager made fun of our accent's when we ordered food. i did not go to the lunch room for two years. we were beaten in hallways and bathrooms. i heard racial slurs all the time, and we told administrators at the school. sometimes they laughed at us or told us to speak english. sometimes they yelled at us as if it were our fault, or shrugged their shoulders and walk away
had the chance to chat with one of their representatives over a cup of coffee. congresswoman donna edwards who ept ares maryland's fourth district will hold two coffee conferences this morning. the first is going on right now at the dunkin donuts. it will last until 9:30. the second is he royal bagel bakery and deli on german town road. that conversation will run from 10:30 to 11:30 this morning. >>> the june jobs report shows an economy that is still struggling. unemployment is up and employers didn't adds as many jobs as predicted. brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: u.s. employment virtually stalled last month, a net growth of just 18,000 jobs. that nudged the unemployment rate to 9.2% and raises some serious recovery concerns. >> our economy as a whole just isn't producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking. >> reporter: president obama blamed economic headwinds, natural disaster, sky high gas prices, and government budget cuts that slashed 39,000 jobs. despite an early morning rain in louisville, kentucky, people began lining up before dawn to apply for one o
a cuff of coffee. donna edwards will hold two coffee conversations this morning. the first starts at 8:30 until 9:30 at the dunkin donuts. and the second at the royal bagel bakery and deli on german town road at 10:30. >>> and this is a cool story. participants in a triple kidney swap have been able to meet each other for the first time. the six included a married couple, fraternal twins and a grandmother and member of her church. doctors set each recipient up with a stranger through what's called a paired kidney exchange program. the triple swap took more than 12 hours and was performed by doctors from the university of maryland. >>> we'll look at your forecast [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. want to save evemore? call now and we'll add over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix, and more for 12 months. fios is a 100% fiber optic network. it delivers superior picture quality, the best channel li
of the house because finally there's a ladies restroom near the speaker's lobby. donna f. edwards was so excited, she tweeted, love the new ladies room off the floor of the house, three cheers to speaker boehner. well, you know, at least democrats and republicans agree on something. but we know what they don't agree on right now continues to be what to do about the and the "slate" political reporter. good to see you. >> hi, chris. >> dave, what's going on with the president, he only announced an hour ago he would speak in just a few minutes? authority. % itld)át would be too myÑ' a ris suit me. >> given what he just had to say, emily, given what happened last night with john boehner not being able to wrangle the votes. the option of the president going it alone, and that's something you didn't hear too many calls about it. but now you're hearing it from several different corners and it looks like more of at least an option given the chaos and uncertainty on capitol hill. >> well, let me ask you about the position of john boehner right now. where is he in all of this, emily? >> well, he
geithner and joe walsh and maryland democrat donna edwards. at 3:00 p.m., it is cnn "state of the yen" with secretary of the treasury tim geithner and dianne feinstein, and gop presidential candidate and former minnesota governor, tim pawlenti. at 4:00 p.m. ,hear but "face the nation," with the bild daily, jon kyl, and senate majority whip dick durbin. the five network tv talk shows are barred -- brought to you as a public service by the networks and cspan. re those-airs begin at noon, eastern time. you can listen to them all on cspan radio 90.1 in the washington, d.c. area and satellite radio nationwide at channel 119. you can also go online to cspan >> it is a behind this? look. the l.a. times says this should be required viewing. this is cspan's original documentary, "the library of congress." it is sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span. >> what would that have been like to have met these people when you did not know the ending? >> author eric larsen follows adolf hitler and the third reich in his latest book. >> i started looking for characters through whose eyes i could
of maryland. donna edwards. ms. edwards: it is maryland's 4th. and in the 4th congressional district in maryland just like across the country, people in my district are stymied at the idea that we would reduce medicare benefits and we would end them and shift costs on things like medicaid to our states, that we would reduce benefits for social security. all of this in the context of a conversation about lifting a debt ceiling and making cost cuts to things that impact our debt, our long-term debt and our deficits when i just wanted to point to the gentleman, most americans don't know this, but i think they need to understand as you can see here from this chart that the largest portion of our long-term debt is caused by the bush-era tax cuts, not by medicare and not by social security. to be sure, one might argue, i think, that we need to make sure that medicare and social security are solvent for generations to come, because we want to honor the contract that i've made with my mother, that my son has made with me, but that shouldn't be anywhere near this conversation about lifting th
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)